New emails not showing up in Gmail Inbox


How to resolve emails which are longer arriving

In this video tutorial below, we’ll show you one very common reason why emails are no longer showing up in your Gmail inbox. Please note however that what you’re about to learn is just a way to fix the problem in the event your Google account has been hacked. If you Google account has been hacked, then you still have a much bigger issue and that is, someone has had or still has access to your life – to all your emails. The amount of damage someone can do, makes Identify theft look like a walk in the park.

In the event your Gmail (your Google Account) has been compromised, please change your password for your Google account immediately and go watch our tutorial on setting up Google’s 2-Step Verification.

In most cases the reason that emails stopped appearing in your Inbox, is because of a filter. If you have yet to learn about Gmail Filters and Labels, then please make sure to watch our 3 part video tutorials on Understanding Gmail Filters and Labels after you’re done.

While a malicious filter is one of the most common reasons why emails no longer appear in your Gmail Inbox, there are other possibilities as well. Those factors depend on whether or not you’re using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, a misconfigured email app on your phone or tablet, or even a Gmail API which has full access to your Gmail.

Diagnosing these other possible causes do take knowledge and time in trying to figure out other reasons for emails no longer appearing your Inbox. Should you need immediate assistance and wish to speak to one of Gmail engineers, then consider using our One-On-One Gmail Help Support Service.

Gmail Video Runtime: 5:09 minutes

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