How to use Gmail labels and filters


In these video tutorials below, we’ll explain how to use a couple of Gmail’s most powerful features called Labels and Filters. Gmail Labels and Filters are at the heart of staying organized.

Unlike traditional folders used in software such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail – Gmail doesn’t use folders. Instead a much better systems called Gmail Labels. Think of Gmail Labels as sticky notes or post-it notes that you can add to emails either before or after they’ve arrived. For those of you graduating from MS Outlook or Apple Mail, the concept of “Labels” may seem hard to grasp at first, but once you understand how labels work, you’ll be saying to yourself… “Why oh why didn’t know about this sooner?”

Another wonderful aspect of Google email is the ability to use Gmail Filters to organize or categorize your emails as they arrive.

In this series of three video tutorials we cover a lot information related to Gmail labels and filters so make sure to open an new tab in your browser and following along. So sit back as we explore the many possibilities that Gmail Labels and Filters have to offer.

Understanding Gmail Labels and Filters – Part 1

Video Runtime: 7:55 minutes


Understanding Gmail Labels and Filters – Part 2

Video Runtime: 5:12 minutes


Understanding Gmail Labels and Filters – Part 3

Video Runtime: 17:14 minutes

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