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How do I recover my Gmail password?
What if I forgot my Gmail password?
How can I get my Gmail Password sent to me?

The list of questions when it comes to Gmail Password Recovery is endless. The answer to how to recover your Gmail password starts with realizing that it’s not a Gmail password you’re trying to recover, but rather your Google Account password.

Google offers many services as part of a Google Account. Gmail is just one of those services. Trying to assist a customer in recovering their Google account password depends on a few factors. It’s also important to understand that Google places security of it’s users above all else. With that said, attempting to log into your Gmail or Google Account too many times, may cause Google to think that a breach is occurring – even though it’s really you.

Troubleshooting Google account password issues is the most complicated. There are also a few things that all Gmail users should know.

  • You need to know your current Google Account Password and already be logged into your Google account on your mobile device or tablet, before you’re able to change your Google account password.
  • All Gmail users should be using Google’s 2-Step Verification to minimize password problems.
  • You should never have a web browser store and remember your Google account password.

Think about it for a moment, it takes just a couple seconds to enter your email address and password. Forcing yourself to enter your email address and password each time you need to check your Gmail, ensures you never forget it. Having your web browser store your password can cause problems especially if you forgot to log out of your Google account, if others use that same computer and more. Often we here of Google users who allowed their web browser to save their password – sure it’s nice to not have to type any more than you have to, but what happens if you experience a hard drive crash? You clear your browser’s cache or passwords? You do something to force Google to ask you for your password? A password you might have chosen 3 years ago and never had to type it in since. If you think it can’t happen to you, think again. So do yourself a favor and when it comes to your Google account password, never elect have any web browser store that information. There is a lot more to know about recovering your lost Google account password, so let’s continue…

Google has a tool to help you recover Google account password but it’s vital to read the rest of this article before using it:

Depending on whether or not you have provided Google with a mobile phone number as part of your Google account recovery options, will determine how difficult it will be change your Google account password or what many of you refer to as your “Gmail Password“. If you have provided Google your mobile phone number, then Google will ask you to enter your mobile phone number then send you a 6 digit code via a text message. You then provide Google with that 6 digit code. By doing so, you’re authenticating to Google that it’s really you.

If you have not provided Google with your mobile phone number, then you will be asked  a series of questions in an attempt to verify that you are actually the true user of your Google account. Those questions include such things as providing the date your established your Google (Gmail) Account, last 5 people you’re sent emails to and many more. Google will then perform due diligence to verify that it’s really you and respond to you at an alternate email address providing you’ve already given them one. Providing the wrong answers when using Google Password Recovery Tool will almost always result in you not regaining access to your Google account.

Everyone however has different circumstances. For example, some Gmail users are still able to get access to their Gmail account via there phone, but not from their computer. Others (God forbid) are still using email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. Their email clients may still remember their password but are unable to login from other devices. The number of possibilities are long. specializes in assisting Gmail users regain access to their Google account or “Recover a Gmail Password” when everything else they’ve tried has failed. It’s for that reason that we offer our One-On-One Gmail Help Support Service. This service allows you to actually speak to one of our experts. We start by asking you a series of questions to help us determine the best course of action. The last thing we want is to make getting access to your Gmail even more difficult. 

We’re well versed in helping Gmail users recover access to their Google account. We’ve been doing it since 2007 and have assisted tens of thousands of Gmail users. If you’ve lost your password, our recommendation is to reach out to us right away. We specialize in helping Gmail users recover their Google accounts and resetting their password.

Just remember, the more times you try to log into Gmail and fail, the deeper your digging yourself into a hole. Be careful and have one of our experts assist you.

Learn more about our One-On-One Gmail Help Support Service to assist you in Gmail or Google account password recovery. For those of you who have not already upgraded your membership to a Premium Member, please do so today. Premium members get full access to all our Gmail Help Support Videos.

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