How to setup G Suite using a domain name


Setting up G Suite email using your domain name is easy.

Our video tutorial below will walk you through each step of the process. While this video is long, it’s packed with very useful information and we encourage you to watch the video in it’s entirety.

This video assumes your domain name is registered with and using their DNS or name servers however any name server could be used as the setup is the same regardless of what name servers your domain name is pointing to.

Here are a few helpful time codes to help you jump to the topic you’re most interested in:

How to signup for G Suite – Beginning to 7:02
How to Verify a domain name using G Suite – 7:03 to 12:03
How to point your domain name to Google email servers (MX Records) – 12:03 to 16:19
How to add addition G Suite User accounts – 16:19 to 18:26
How to change user privileges using G Suite – 18:26 at 25:18
How to add Email Aliases using G Suite – 25:18 to 29:32
How to upgrade or downgrade your G Suite Plan – 29:32 to End

Full Video Runtime: 31:29 minutes

Links referred to in this tutorial are:

How to setup 2-Step Verification

Below are Google’s MX Record Values mentioned in the G Suite tutorial above.

MX Record Value and Priority



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