How to Setup Gmail 2-Step Verification


Unfortunately one of the most common calls we receive at are due to hacked Google accounts. Too often these reason for a Google account being hacked is that the same password is used on many websites or the password is simply not strong enough.

The best way to ensure your Gmail or Google account never gets hacked is to invoke Google’s 2-Step Verification also known as 2-Factor Authentication. 2-Step is used by many companies, including banks, financial securities firms and more.

Common questions we get asked regarding 2-Step Verification are:

How can I protect my Gmail account from getting hacked?
What is Gmail 2-Step Verification?
What are Gmail backup codes?

In this video tutorial below, we’ll explain Google’s 2-Step Verification. We’ll explain what 2-Step Verification is and how to properly set it up to protect you from unauthorized access to your Google account. This feature requires that you have a cell phone to verify yourself with Google.

How to setup Google’s 2-Step Verification

Video Runtime: 8:16 minutes

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