Check Status of Google Services


It’s extremely rare when any Google services are down, however if they are, there is now a way to check the status of Google services. This status page gives you real time status of the follow Google services:

Google Mail
Google Calendar
Google Voice
Google Docs List
Google Documents
Google Spreadsheets
Google Presentations
Google Sites
Google Analytics
and more…

Here is a link to check the status of these Google services

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  1. Lee Murdoch says

    My gmail is VEERRRY SLOW–like maybe 10 minutes to load and maybe never does totally load. sending also. I tried to install Google Voice a couple of days ago. All went well until I was to dial a number. The connection was very poor and I could never finish the process. So–could that be corrupting my gmail. All other programs work well on my computer (non-Google apps)

    • admin says

      It sounds like a connectivity issue with your ISP. Google is extremely fast. Try also clearing your browsers cache then shut down your computer. Never “restart” your PC running Windows as this truly doesn’t flush your cache. Restarting is known as a “warm boot”. Instead perform a “cold boot” by shutting down completely then turn it back on. It should help. Good luck.

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